Since I was already familure with CM on my rooted phone I decided to contribute to the project. This involed making a significant change to the android operating system.

Things I did

  • Get Cyanogen Source Code
  • Setup an environement on Linux to build the Android OS
  • Expose the android LTE setting so it can be changed from other parts of the OS
  • Add the code and images for the toggle to the existing power widget
  • Submit code to CyanogenMod's gerrit code review
  • Fix anything needed
  • Beg Steve Kondik to merge it
  • Profit? ha no this is open source

Links to tech sites

Engadget - CyanogenMod 9 may feature a 4G LTE toggle switch for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Video: 4G LTE Toggle Potentially Headed to CM9 and the Galaxy Nexus

Note: Intesestingly they both got it wrong. This was not phone specific. Anyone who was using Verizon LTE was able to use the LTE toggle